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The shopping cart requires you to have cookies enabled on your browser. When you enter the shopping cart for the first time or from a different computer, log-in and registration options are available – please note that visitors can browse the shop without registering any details.
If you enter the shop as a Visitor and choose to order products as you are browsing, your order will be stored in a temporary cart until you register your contact details at the check out. If you don’t proceed through the checkout the items will be deleted when you leave the shop.
Once you register your details you become a registered member and will be given a Members Cart whenever you log in. This allows you to add products to your shopping cart, and come back at a later date to finalize your checkout. All the products remain in your shopping cart until you have checked them out, or removed the products from your cart. Please note that products will not be reserved for you until you have been through the complete checkout process.
The shopping cart forms part of our accounting system therefore, orders can only be processed for customers who have provided their name and contact details. All information is kept strictly confidential.
The display box at the top left of your screen shows the categories of products in our shop. Click on the category name to browse through the products list in each category. A list of the products, quantity available and price will be displayed. Click the name of the product you are interested in for additional information, pictures and to place your order.
Some categories have sub-categories which will appear as thumbnail pictures on your screen. Click the picture of the sub-category you are interested in to be taken to the product list. The number next to each category indicates the number of different products in that category.
The boxes on the right hand side of your screen will show items in your shopping cart and your order total, a list of our bestselling products, and our current Specials. To go to the product being displayed in the Specials thumbnail, click on the picture. To view all the available Specials, click on the arrow at the top of the specials box.
When you find a product you would like to order, click the In Cart button – a quantity of one will automatically appear. If you require more than one, simply change the quantity and click on the Update button.
At any time you can click on the View Cart button at the top of the screen and make any adjustments to quantities or delete items. Make sure you click the update button to update your order.
You can then choose to Check-out or continue shopping. The items you have ordered and total cost will continue to be displayed on the right of the screen, updated with any additions you make.
You will then be asked to confirm your preferred payment method (Paymate, money order or cheque) and shipping preference – the system will automatically calculate the shipping charges based on your preferred shipping method and distance according to Australia Post Distant charges. There is also a section for adding any comments that you need to.
You will receive an email notification of your order shortly after completing your order. If you do not receive this confirmation, please let us know as your email address may have been entered incorrectly and we will be unable to contact you.
You will receive an automatic email notification to confirm that your payment has been received and also when your order has been shipped.
Please note that items that are out of stock cannot be ordered or paid for. If you inadvertently order a larger quantity of an item than we have in stock, a notification will appear requesting that you modify the quantity. Please note that all of the Cuddly-Bub range of products are currently available on an In-Stock basis only. Some of the new products that we are now offering for sale are made to order by other businesses. These products will have a higher quantity available (which allows you to order them), and the time frame to allow is indicated in the product description. If you have ordered In-Stock and Made to Order items, they will all be shipped at the same time. In most cases this will still be within our normal 28 day shipping time, but as it will depend on demand, this cannot be guaranteed. If you require In-Stock and Made to Order items to be shipped separately, additional postage charges will apply.

Please note that In Stock items cannot be held indefinitely. Payment is required within 14 days of the order date to avoid the items being re-listed for sale.

If you would like to be automatically advised by email when an out of stock item is available either select Notification under your account for all product updates or go to the order page for that item and click on the box at the right of the page that says Notify me of updates to (product name).

When you return to you can click on My Account to view your order status as well as your order history and the status of your current order (payment received, processing, shipped). You can change your details at any time, as well as subscribe or unsubscribe yourself from automatic updates on all our products or just the products you have selected.

All Australian orders are shipped through Australia Post Parcel Post delivery. Registered Post and Insurance is available at additional costs as per Australia Post set fees.

Please note that all parcels are sent standard Parcel Post unless the appropriate additional fees accompany payment.

International customers can view currency conversions on any page by selecting the currency required from the drop down menu at the bottom right of the screen. Please note that payment must be made in Australian Dollars. Insurance cover varies between countries and is available at the set Australia Post charges. Please email us for further information.

All orders are checked and verified as soon as possible. In the event that an incorrect postage charge has been selected or if a system related error has occured such as incorrect price reporting/display that affects the total amount of payment due you will be notified by email as soon as possible prior to your order being shipped.

Additional shipping, returns and privacy information is available in the Information box at the bottom left of your screen.

Introducing Vibrators

Introducing Vibrators

Adult toys can be a great way to spice up an romantic relationship and introduce something new and exciting. If your significant other does not have any experience with adult toys it can also be intimidating to suddenly bring into your sexual experiences together. The following can help you to introduce adult toys without offending your loved one.

Start with understanding if your spouse has ever tried using adult toys before and realize what toys she or he may be interested in given their sexual preferences. Starting small may be a good option and a small dildo or vibrators may be a good introduction into these toys. Don’t push too far and let them get comfortable with the toys before moving towards more expansive toys.

Be sure to introduce your loved one to adult toys by incorporating it with things that they love. If they are a big fan of oral sex, alternate oral sex and adult toys so that they can keep up, and potentially enhance their level of pleasure. Adult toys should be about having fun and pleasure and not being uncomfortable.

Sometimes it is better to not ask permission to try an adult toy with a loved one sex toys While you certainly don’t want to force it upon them, don’t ask to far in advance. Instead buy the toy and begin in other sexual foreplay before then pausing to reveal the toy. By doing so you can avoid much of the protest and worry that your loved one may have from the toy and instead allow them to just revel in the pleasure that it brings them. Most people are more willing to experience the joy that these toys bring when they are already immersed in a sexual act than when they are simply standing idle.

Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets
Many stores will choose to have display cabinets that are not fancy like the ones that can be found in a home, but they do get the job done. As long as a cabinet allows a store to display the items they have to potential customers, then it’s doing its job. Many people love display cabinets in their home because of the fact that it allows them to utilize the cabinet for displaying purposes as well as for protection purposes. Although the typical display cabinets at metro display will be able to open and close without any problems, there are some that contain a lock, and this may be because of the expensive items that are inside.

If a person chooses to get a display cabinet with a lock, it’s simply because they have many items that are costly and want to protect them at any cost. The only thing about display cabinets is the fact that the cabinet itself can protect the items, but if an earthquake or another natural disaster occurs, then having the items in the display won’t necessarily keep them from damage. Many who are choosing to get insurance on their items that they put in the display may want to give evidence to the insurance company of how the items are stored, especially if the company must reimburse them if the items are ever damaged.

Similar to an insurance company asking if a home has an alarm system to determine the risk when they are insuring the home is similar to how they would want to know that display items are locked away in a cabinet for safekeeping before they insure it. Having display cabinets can easily keep your items safe as well as keeping the item at full value by not allowing it to be damaged by other hands or by any elements that may come in and out of the home. Getting a cabinet for display is definitely a good idea for any home.

A Marketing Company Brisbane Professional Can Help

A Marketing Company Brisbane Professional Can Help

When it comes to your new and growing business, it’s all about marketing in a manner that draws in more clients. This is why many companies are now beginning to hire marketing company Brisbane professionals to assist them in marketing and advertising tools. When you use the services of a marketing company Brisbane professional, you are doing so with the knowledge that they are going to help you in the growth of your business. They are trained and completely experienced in marketing all types of businesses, so you can trust them when they begin to provide this service for your own company.

When you use a marketing company Brisbane, they will let you know which types of marketing techniques are best suited to the type of business you own and operate. This is essential for just about anyone who is looking to make use of your company and has been having a hard time finding out more about you. The marketing company Brisbane professional is geared towards the growth of your company, and this ensures that more people can find out about your company and utilize the services that you have provided to them.

You are definitely going to find benefits when you begin to use a local marketing company Brisbane professional to help market your business. This is why a lot of people have been looking into hiring marketing agencies for the growth of their own companies. Many company owners have had great success with hiring these types of professionals, so it is definitely an option that you will want to keep in mind if you are trying to grow your company and have been having problems doing this all on your own just because of the fact that you do not know much about the world of marketing.